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The blog Known Unknowns publishes its favorite Literature in Translation titles from 2011. 

In many ways, I thought this was a slightly odd year for literature in translation; I read an enormous number of books that I really, really liked, but only a few that I felt were truly classic books that I would return to again and again in the future. Moreover, several “big name” foreign authors released books that, in my opinion, were simply not very good (so I will warn you in advance that you won’t see Murakami, Peter Nadas, Cesar Aira or Enrique Villa-Matas anywhere on this list). I have also cheated a bit: two books on it were actually published in 2010 and 2009, but I only got around to reading them this year, and another two books are either re-issues or re-translations. As ever, I refuse to rank the books below, because they are all great, and every single one of them is worth reading. Lastly, those of you who read sites like Three Percent, ReadThisNext and Conversational Reading may notice quite a few familiar titles; there’s nothing magical or coincidental about this, since those are places I tend to turn for recommendations on books. And if you don’t read those sites, you should! Without further ado, here were some of my favourites from the last year…

Cain by Jose Saramago, translated by Margaret Jull Costa, and Scenes from Village Life by Amos Oz, translated by Nicholas de Lange have both been chosen as Best Fiction Books of the Year by Publishers Weekly!