1. 2012 Best Translated Book Award Finalists

    The finalists for the 2012 Best Translated Book Awards were announced on Tuesday evening. Full list below. Read all about it at Three Percent

    Fiction Finalists (in alphabetical order):

    Lightning by Jean Echenoz
    Translated from the French by Linda Coverdale
    (New Press)

    Upstaged by Jacques Jouet
    Translated from the French by Leland de la Durantaye
    (Dalkey Archive Press)

    Kornél Esti by Dezső Kosztolányi
    Translated from the Hungarian by Bernard Adams
    (New Directions)

    I Am a Japanese Writer by Dany Laferrière
    Translated from the French by David Homel
    (Douglas & MacIntyre)

    New Finnish Grammar by Diego Marani
    Translated from the Italian by Judith Landry

    Stone Upon Stone by Wiesław Myśliwski
    Translated from the Polish by Bill Johnston
    (Archipelago Books)

    Scars by Juan José Saer
    Translated from the Spanish by Steve Dolph
    (Open Letter)

    Kafka’s Leopards by Moacyr Scliar
    Translated from the Portuguese by Thomas O. Beebee
    (Texas Tech University Press)

    In Red by Magdalena Tulli
    Translated from the Polish by Bill Johnston
    (Archipelago Books)

    Never Any End to Paris by Enrique Vila-Matas
    Translated from the Spanish by Anne McLean
    (New Directions)

    Poetry Finalists (in alphabetical order):

    Hagar Before the Occupation, Hagar After the Occupation by Amal al-Jubouri
    Translated from the Arabic by Rebecca Gayle Howell with Husam Qaisi
    (Alice James Books)

    Last Verses by Jules Laforgue
    Translated from the French by Donald Revell

    Spectacle & Pigsty by Kiwao Nomura
    Translated from the Japanese by Kyoko Yoshida and Forrest Gander

    A Fireproof Box by Gleb Shulpyakov
    Translated from the Russian by Christopher Mattison
    (Canarium Books)

    engulf—enkindle by Anja Utler
    Translation from the German by Kurt Beals
    (Burning Deck)

    False Friends by Uljana Wolf
    Translated from the German by Susan Bernofsky
    (Ugly Duckling Presse)

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